Marketing For Gymnastics Centers


We will drive new leads to your gymnastics center each month and help you cut print advertising for good!

Attract New Customers

It’s hard to know if what you’re doing on social media is working. With LAND IT you’ll see results each month.

Free Trial Classes Drive Enrollments

Let’s face it, once a child takes one of your classes they’re hooked! Let us help you drive enrollments by brining them into your gym!

Follow Up & Conversion Training

Once you start getting new leads we’ll help you automatically follow up and turn trials into enrollments.


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    Local Targeting

    Using your current customer list, we build a new audience of your demographic likely to enroll with you.

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    Using the new audience we will run Facebook and Instagram ads with high quality pictures and video.

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    New Leads

    We will bring you tons of new leads that are looking for their child to take a free trial.

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    Drip Follow Up

    Any leads that don’t get back to you will get an automated email reminding them to schedule their free trial.

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    Interest List

    Interested people visit your website everyday. We show an ad to anyone that has researched classes on your site.

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    Track Conversions

    Each month we’ll provide a report to show you how many leads have scheduled trials and how many have enrolled!

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    We Research

    The first thing we do is learn all about your gym. What kinds of classes you offer, what programs, and what extra activities. We will then research the area your gym is in and any competitors that may be around you. Then we suggest the best action plan to start increasing enrollments

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    We Build Your Funnel

    Online increasing enrollments and generating leads is done by building “funnels”. We take all of the information we learned from our research and build a funnel for your gym to start generating new enrollments. Your funnel will include a Facebook advertising strategy, landing sales pages, and automated emails.

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    We Test

    Each week we will improve the ads being sent out on Facebook and Instagram. We constantly improve target customers, ad copy, ad images, and video. By always monitoring we can tell when something specific is not working any more. Then we improve it and continue testing.

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    You Increase Enrollments

    Because we are generating warm leads that are coming in for free trial classes your new enrollment rate will skyrocket. We’ve found that on average every new student’s lifetime value is about $650. In many cases you will have a positive ROI if you only get 1 new enrollment per month. And you will get much more than that!

Patrick and his

Hi, my name is Patrick Stephens. I want you, the gymnastics center owner, to succeed online. I know how difficult it can be to know exactly what to do when it comes to marketing your local business on the Internet. And sometimes even harder than that is finding the time to do everything you need to do.

We’ve come from a time when print and television was all we could do, and both of those options worked. But we are facing something much different now; Facebook has become the “go to” source of news for most people on this planet, Instagram has pictures, videos, and LIVE video, and Snap Chat isn’t just for high school kids anymore.

The reality is that you feel like you need to be everywhere in order to stand out in today’s world, but you don’t. You just need to be where your customers are.

I started pdSocial because I want to help you help more children. I love that you have dedicated your life to helping children grow stronger in all aspects of their lives. You make a difference to so many, and I get that. I have three daughters and a step-son myself and I know just how important gymnastics has been in each of their lives.

So I’m here to help you help them. Let’s grow together and watch our kids succeed in the process.

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